Website Sellers

Veadra did a wonderful job selling my online business. I think I got an offer on the same day we went live with the listing and closed the deal within a week. I think it was a record sale for me as well as Acquisition Station!  Veadra was extremely helpful throughout the sale and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their website or online business.

Mohit Tater, Website Seller

Wow, I had absolutely no idea working with a broker on selling a business could be more enjoyable or easy! Ryan really goes above and beyond to ensure the process is smooth and certainly knows the industry well which is always a plus! Right off the bat, I felt very comfortable working with Ryan sharing important details regarding our company and how they correlated with a sale.

His communication during the process was fantastic and he generally appears to care about your business and what it is worth to you. Recommending Ryan would be an understatement, if you need a broker to assist with selling your business, you need to speak with Ryan. Period.

Billy Young, Website Seller

Ryan Sorensen gives brokers a good name. He jumped into the sale of my business with both feet and was constantly making sure I knew what was going on and happy. Within an unusually short period of time, he found a fantastic buyer, and now the business is sold and I’m thrilled. Great communication, excellent sales skills, always down to earth and personable, Ryan is an amazing and atypical broker.

Grey Hodge, Website Seller

It was a fortunate day for me when I was referred to Ryan Sorensen, broker extraordinaire. He not only got my business sold quickly, he also achieved a good price. He is tenacious, positive, and friendly. He was always available by phone and email when I had questions or just needed reassuring.

When Ryan said he thought he could get my business sold the first week it was listed, I was a bit skeptical, but he made it happen. Ryan was key to the success of this venture.

Selling a business you’ve owned for 17 years can be an emotional roller coaster. Ryan was extremely patient and helpful in getting me through the process and keeping me focused on the end goal; money in the bank!

If you want to sell a business I would highly recommend you contact Ryan. You can be confident he will get the job done. Thanks Ryan, it was truly a pleasure working with you.

Seller of e-Commerce Business, Website Seller

From the moment I reached out to Ryan to sell my business, the experience has been nothing short of excellent. Ryan was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process, immediately responding to each and every question I had. I was very impressed with the information packet he put together to market my business as well as his expertise telling me exactly what to expect during the process- this was invaluable.

He found a great buyer who was an excellent fit for my business and I am more than happy with the end result. I would most definitely recommend Ryan to anyone looking to sell a web business.

Jason Sanon, Website Seller

I would be hard-pressed to find a better broker than Ryan, in my track record of online experiences. In my view, he makes it a point out of making things very easy to handle for the website seller. He’s always on point with his explanations, making even the most sophisticated of technicalities appear easy to grasp.

He offers a fully customizable experience for the client, which made it even easier for me to work with him. To boot, he was always there in the beginning of the process, offering helpful information and making sure that every aspect of the sale was going along according to my intentions.

Last, but certainly not least, his connections are incredible – and that’s a quality all dedicated brokers should aspire to. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him, for a safe and enjoyable website selling experience. I, for one, don’t think will be working with anyone else any time soon.

Paul Estcott, Website Seller

Website Buyers

I was extremely satisfied with Ryan Sorensen following my purchase of an online business. I had been looking very seriously at several businesses when Mr. Sorensen’s advertisement caught my eye. His response to my inquiry was immediate and I received an extraordinarily thorough profile of the business. I had a number of questions and was surprised to receive quick responses at all hours.

When we encountered a hang up over recent declining revenues, Mr. Sorensen facilitated a teleconference whereby I was able to have my concerns addressed directly by the seller. Most importantly, I never felt any pressure to rush my decision.

This was my third business acquisition in the past ten years and Mr. Sorensen was the first broker to actually follow up with me post-purchase. I know I can count on him should I have any issues. I highly recommend Ryan Sorensen to any prospective buyer.

Al Orfi, Website Buyer

Ryan is a very helpful and resourceful person who is good at what he does. I met him last year regarding a site I was planning to buy and he sat with me for 3 hours to clear all the queries I had about the site. He is professional, but personable at the same time and I would definitely recommend him if you are planning to buy/sell a website.

Mohit Tater, Website Buyer

When I decided to purchase an internet based business, I was beyond nervous. It would be my first internet business purchased. Ryan was the perfect broker for my situation. He walked me through all the possible scenarios that I would encounter running the business. He gave me simple solutions to address these issues. He also incorporated extended training with the seller at no additional cost. Ryan didn’t pressure me in any way and was extremely helpful in the process. I had dealings with other internet brokers and they didn’t compare to the level of Ryan’s professionalism and communication. He truly has a full grasp on internet based businesses. I actually wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Ryan Sorensen. Definitely an A+ rating!

Chuck C., Website Buyer