Seller Exit Interview #4: Simple Sales Process

Seller Exit Interview #4: Simple Sales Process

The seller of an established online gaming portal weighs in on how it was like working with our brokerage.  He said, “there isn’t a lot to say because the process was so simple.”

1. Please describe the journey that led to you working with What was the deciding factor?

Referral from, speed of contact.

2. What things impressed you the most about the process?

How easy the process was, and I felt confident with Ryan.

3. Anything you could see from your perspective that needs improvement?


4. Do you feel that the buyer was a good match overall and are you confident they will be able to see a healthy return on their investment?

Yes the buyer understands the operations of the website and what is needed to grow it in the future.

5. How comfortable do you feel with recommending our services to your friends and work associates?

Highly recommend, and will use again for future sales.

6. Anything else you’d like to say to other buyers and sellers considering working with

The service is personal, and when it comes to online stuff these days personal service is hard to find.


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