Seller Exit Interview #2: Second Time’s a Charm

Seller Exit Interview #2: Second Time’s a Charm

The seller of weighs in on how it was like working with our brokerage, compared to the other guys.

1.  Please describe the journey that led to you working with  What was the deciding factor?

I was looking for a broker to sell my website, as I did not have time to be involved with the marketing and selling process myself.  I was referred to by one of their marketing partners.  I had a previous experience with a big brokerage company that did not go very well and I was now specifically looking for someone who was young, energetic and motivated, but at the same time knowledgeable, experienced and reliable.  I did a little research on Ryan Sorensen and I immediately knew that he was the one that I was looking for.  Right away I decided to work with him.

2.  What things impressed you the most about the process?

Ryan was very professional and thorough from day 1.  He put together an amazing Information Pack where he pretty much covered all possible buyers’ questions, which avoided lots of back and forth emails with questions from buyers during listing.  He kept me updated, shared feedback and responded quickly to all my inquiries and was very helpful and patient throughout the selling process.

3.  Anything you could see from your perspective that needs improvement?

Absolutely nothing.

4.  Do you feel that the buyer was a good match overall and are you confident they will be able to see a healthy return on their investment?

The buyer was the perfect match; they love the products for sale and are very excited about the website.  They will be able to do great and grow the business even more than I did.

5.  How comfortable do you feel with recommending our services to your friends and work associates?

I would be comfortable and very happy to refer anybody looking to sell their web business or looking to buy one, as I know that they won’t be disappointed.

6.  Anything else you’d like to say to other buyers and sellers considering working with deserved every dollar I paid them for the sale of my web business, it was definitely money well spent.  Ryan works hard to make everybody happy, buyer and seller alike, and to make the process as painless as possible for both of them.  He is very patient and helpful through every step and I will certainly contact him again should I have another web business to sell in the future.

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