Seller Exit Interview #1: Grey Hodge

Seller Exit Interview #1: Grey Hodge

We’re happy to announce the first official sale here at  There will be many more to come! See what Grey Hodge, seller of a 6 figure online service business, has to say about the experience:

1.  Please describe the journey that led to you working with  What was the deciding factor?

I was referred to by one of their marketing partners.  At the time I was engaged in an auction to sell my site, and felt that having a broker as a backup couldn’t hurt.  I did a little research on Ryan Sorensen, liked what I saw, and worked with him to sell my business.

2.  What things impressed you the most about the process?

Ryan’s quick responses and attentiveness. He was incredibly helpful through every step, very pleasant and very patient.  Any question I had he was happy to answer, and gave me great advice in helping to get the business sold.

3.  Anything you could see from your perspective that needs improvement?

Not a thing.

4.  Do you feel that the buyer was a good match overall and are you confident they will be able to see a healthy return on their investment?

I’m very happy with the buyer, I think they’ll do very well with the business, and that they’ll be very happy by this time next year with their earnings.  I was very keen on finding a buyer who would be a good fit, and Ryan helped me find a very excited person at the right price that I think will be a great success.

5.  How comfortable do you feel with recommending our services to your friends and work associates?

I’ve already referred a potential buyer for my business who didn’t make the cut, and they’ve already contacted Ryan about opportunities for them.  I’m happy to refer people to Acquisition Station.

6.  Anything else you’d like to say to other buyers and sellers considering working with

I’m thrilled with the outcome Ryan was able to come up with, and I think the company should be on anyone’s shortlist if they’re looking to buy or sell a web business.  They work hard, and give great results. They were worth every penny in my eyes.

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