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2.5 Year Old E-Commerce Business in the Auto Accessories Niche, $14K Profit LTM




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Listing Agent: Ryan Sorensen

Ryan is the founder of Acquisition Station and has sold $7.5M worth of web-based businesses and websites over 117 transactions in the last 6 years. He is a certified business intermediary (CBI) and is dedicated to helping clients achieve success in this industry.


$27,000Asking Price
  • Age Of Site: 2.5 Years
  • Multiple: 1.85x
  • # of owners prior to current:
  • Reason for selling:


$14,601Total LTM SDE Profit
  • Total LTM Revenue: $177,224
  • $ Avg Profit Last 6 Months:
  • Total Revenue 2014, 2015, 2016:
  • Main Revenue Sources: Product sales
  • Main Expenses: COGS, advertising and marketing, 3rd party marketplace fees, and admin costs
  • Currency: US$
  • Revenue Proof Available:


3,054Avg Visits / Month
  • Avg Uniques / Month: 3,054
  • Avg Pageviews / Month: 10,083
  • Traffic: Search: 42%, Referral: 7%, Direct: 12%, Paid: 39%
  • Top Ranking Keywords (Position Google US):
  • Manual Actions (GWT):