Buyer Follow-up Interview #1, 6 Months In and Feeling Unmotivated

Buyer Follow-up Interview #1, 6 Months In and Feeling Unmotivated

We make an effort to follow up with each of our buyers at the 3 and 6 month mark after a sale is made to find out how they are coming along with their new websites and web-based businesses.  We feel that an increase in transparency in this industry will help buyers better understand what they are getting into and hold brokers to a higher standard, which will help everyone in the long run.

Here is a short interview with Brig Arnold, the buyer of one of our first e-Commerce listings.

When did you purchase this business?

October, 2014.

What was your motivating factor in doing so?

I bought the business because I had a lot of spare time and I wanted to begin a portfolio of websites to supplement and eventually replace my income.  I was looking for a business that required little time and I got just that.

How do you feel treated you as a buyer overall?

I was very happy with my experience with AcquisitionStation.  I was a first-time business buyer and had a lot of questions about the process, but they were all answered and Ryan helped me feel very comfortable with everything before we would proceed to the next step.  I never felt rushed, I had plenty of time for due diligence and to think through each step.  I got accurate information on everything I asked for, and in a timely manner.

How do you feel the transition and after-sale training was handled?  Was the help adequate enough for you to feel comfortable with running the business on your own?

The training was excellent.  The business was surprisingly simple to learn to the point I felt comfortable on my own.  I had never ran a website before, but after a week I felt comfortable on my own.  The seller was great about being available for questions but I really did not need as much training as we planned for.

6 months in, how has the business performed so far up to expectations?  What are your honest feelings up to this point about your purchase?

The website has done basically the same as what it did prior to the purchase.  When I bought the site I thought I would spend some time on marketing and optimizing the site to improve revenues but I haven’t gotten around to doing that, but without it the site has performed at its presale levels.  I am happy with the purchase, the only regrets are the lack of time and effort I have put into growing the site due to feeling unmotivated by the relatively little it adds to my overall income.  I may have been better off going with a bigger site to start.

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