Trusted Partners List

Trusted Partners List

At we get asked multiple times a week from website buyers and sellers if we have any recommendations for web designers, due diligence, web design/dev, etc.  The short answer is yes, and here they are.  We have personally worked with these companies over the years and can recommend wholeheartedly and trust that they will do quality work for our clients.

Web hosting:

greengeeks, acquisitionstationIn business since:  2008

Specialty:  Green energy web and WordPress hosting solutions.

Avg. cost:  $4/month

Check them out HERE

Due Diligence:

centurica, acquisitionstationIn business since:  2013

Specialty:  Due diligence and live verifications for buyers of websites and web businesses.

Avg. cost:  $325

Order a website due diligence report HERE

Buyer representation:

In business since:  2016

Specialty:  Buyer representation for websites and web-based businesses on pre-purchase, acquisition, and post-purchase phases.

Avg. cost:  Free consultation, custom pricing

Get a free buyer consultation HERE

Legal representation:

hutchison-lawyers, acquisition station

In business since:  1996

Specialty:  Web asset related contract drafting and review.  Business acquisition council.

Avg. cost:  $250/hr

Contact attorney Ken Maready HERE

3rd Party Financing:  

lendvo, acquisitionstation, loans for websites

In business since:  2015

Specialty:  Alternative financing source for websites and web-based business acquisitions.

Avg. loan amount and cost:  $5,000-$100,000, 1.25%-20%, 18 months

Contact the team HERE

Web design/dev:

neoglobal web design, acquisitionstation, website brokers

In business since:  2011

Specialty:  Web design/dev, PHP, WordPress, mobile apps, custom coding.

Avg. cost:  $20-$30/hr

Contact the team HERE

Email Marketing:

mailchimp, acquisitionstation, email marketingIn business since:  2001

Specialty:  Email marketing, email autoresponder.

Avg. cost:  Free up to 2,000 subscribers, $10-$200/month for pro

See their plans HERE

*We get paid for referrals with some of our trusted partners.