Buy a Profitable Web-Based Business

7-Year-Old Infographic Content Site, $14K SDE LTM, Growth Opportunities

For sale is a  7-year-old content site specialized in infographics, with revenues from sponsored posts and advertising.  With strong organic SEO and a...



$35,000 Sold

Low Maintenance Content Site in Illusions Niche, $13K SDE LTM, Advertising Earnings

dots optical illlusion

For sale is a  9-year-old content site in the illusions and entertainment niche (illusions, brain teasers, etc.) that has earned $17k in revenue and $...



$35,000 Sold

Content Site in Expat Community News & Information Niche, $19,000 SDE LTM, Advertising Earnings

For sale is an 11-year-old content site in the expat community news and information niche (regional events, real estate, culture, etc.) that has earne...



$40,000 Sold

Content Site in Design Tutorials Niche, $124,000 SDE LTM, Adsense and Affiliate Earnings

For sale is a 6 year old content site in the design tutorials niche (wordpress, photoshop, tattoos, etc.) that has earned $126k in revenue and $123k i...



$250,000 Sold

Low Maintenance Content Site in Blogging Niche, $798,000 SDE LTM, Affiliate Earnings

For sale is a 3 year old content site in the aspiring bloggers and internet marketers niche that has earned $2.6m in profit in its lifetime with the l...



$1.2M Sold

E-Commerce Business in Cognitive Supplements Niche, $271,000 SDE LTM *Reduced*

For sale is a well-positioned e-Commerce store that sells legal cognitive enhancing supplements to the US and international market.  The industry has...



$295,000 Sold

6 Year Old Online Game, $80,500 SDE LTM, 11.2M Pageviews per Month *reduced*

For sale is a popular browser-based Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that was first launched Nov. 2009 and currently on its 5th stable release....



$110,000 Sold

10 Year Old Online Service Website Portfolio in Child Adoption Niche, $97k Profit LTM

For sale is a very well-established, US-based online service business portfolio (2 sites) that helps process child adoption paperwork for clients look...



$267,000 Sold

2.5 Year Old E-Commerce Business in the Auto Accessories Niche, $14K Profit LTM

For sale is a US-based dropship e-Commerce business that was created in late 2012 by the current owner.  It sells air horn kits through the website an...



$27,000 Sold

Well Established Digital Media Business, 6M+ Visits per Month, $663k Profit LTM

For sale is a digital media business that specializes in social news and entertainment.  Created by the current owner in 2013, it now boasts over 4.5M...



$1.8M Sold

Digital Products e-Commerce Business in Video Game Niche, $110k Profit LTM

This 2 year old e-Commerce business for digital products caters to players of the world's most popular PC game (played daily by over 27 million people...



$180,000 Sold

(*Price Reduced*) 13 Year Old, PR 6 Web Templates Content Site, Long Standing Ad Relationship

First launched in 2002 by the current owners, this content site provides its users with around 1,700 free and premium HTML and flash web templates tha...



$60,000 Sold

Fast Growing Content Site in DIY Niche, $4.4k Profit Average Last 6 Months

Although this content site in the Do It Yourself (DIY) niche (crafts, food, toys, clothing, etc.) was started 12 months ago, it has made an average of...



$75,000 Sold

Online Service Business in the Travel Niche, Highly Scalable

For sale is a 2 year old, Adwords-driven online business that helps travelers acquire ETAs (Electronic Travel Authorization or e-visas) for a fee.  It...



$65,000 Sold

4 Year Old Content Site in Music Niche, Adsense and Affiliate Earnings

For sale is a content site that has made $29,900 in profit in the last twelve months from Adsense, Amazon, and various affiliate networks.  It was lau...



$70,000 Sold

17 Year Old Winter Clothing e-Commerce Business, Huge Growth Potential

For sale is an e-Commerce store that was started in 1997 by the current owner.  It sells clothing to the US market and made $78,900 in sales and $36,0...



$75,000 Sold

2 Year Old Proprietary SaaS Tool, Mobile Website Builder

Created and launched in late 2012, this uniquely written and highly recommended SaaS tool helps customers convert desktop websites into mobile friendl...



$32,000 Sold

3 Year Old WordPress Design and Dev Business, All Technical Tasks Outsourced

This online business sells custom Wordpress design/dev and ad-hoc coding services to customers worldwide (concentration in United States and Australia...



$15,000 Sold

7 Year Old e-Commerce Store in Laptop Bags, Luggage, and Accessories Niche

For sale is an solely owned and operated dropship e-Commerce store that made $116,000 in revenue and $12,700 in profit in 2014 selling laptop bags and...



$25,000 Sold

Growing eCommerce Business in Greenhouses and Pet Supplies Niche

For sale is a 100% dropship e-Commerce business (B2C) started in May, 2013 that sells greenhouses and pet supplies to the continental US market.   It...



$59,500 Sold

10 Year Old Writing Service for College Students – $55k/Year Profit Average

For sale is a professional writing service for college students that specializes in research, term, and thesis papers.  It was originally founded in 2...



$100,000 Sold

3 Year Old Online TEFL Certification Business – Custom Course and Established Brand

For sale is an online TEFL/TESOL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) business that has made $238,000 in profit since its launch in November, 2011.  ...



$95,000 Sold

E-Commerce Store in the Pre-Owned Designer Handbags and Accessories Niche

For sale is an established e-Commerce store that sells authentic pre-owned designer handbags and accessories to customers around the world, having mad...



$67,500 Sold