Buy a Profitable Web-Based Business

Content Site in Expat Community News & Information Niche, $19,000 SDE LTM, Advertising Earnings

For sale is an 11-year-old content site in the expat community news and information niche (regional events, real estate, culture, etc.) that has earne...



$40,000 Sold

E-Commerce Business in Cognitive Supplements Niche, $271,000 SDE LTM *Reduced*

For sale is a well-positioned e-Commerce store that sells legal cognitive enhancing supplements to the US and international market.  The industry has...



$295,000 Sold

2.5 Year Old E-Commerce Business in the Auto Accessories Niche, $14K Profit LTM

For sale is a US-based dropship e-Commerce business that was created in late 2012 by the current owner.  It sells air horn kits through the website an...



$27,000 Sold

Digital Products e-Commerce Business in Video Game Niche, $110k Profit LTM

This 2 year old e-Commerce business for digital products caters to players of the world's most popular PC game (played daily by over 27 million people...



$180,000 Sold

17 Year Old Winter Clothing e-Commerce Business, Huge Growth Potential

For sale is an e-Commerce store that was started in 1997 by the current owner.  It sells clothing to the US market and made $78,900 in sales and $36,0...



$75,000 Sold

7 Year Old e-Commerce Store in Laptop Bags, Luggage, and Accessories Niche

For sale is an solely owned and operated dropship e-Commerce store that made $116,000 in revenue and $12,700 in profit in 2014 selling laptop bags and...



$25,000 Sold

Growing eCommerce Business in Greenhouses and Pet Supplies Niche

For sale is a 100% dropship e-Commerce business (B2C) started in May, 2013 that sells greenhouses and pet supplies to the continental US market.   It...



$59,500 Sold

3 Year Old Online TEFL Certification Business – Custom Course and Established Brand

For sale is an online TEFL/TESOL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) business that has made $238,000 in profit since its launch in November, 2011.  ...



$95,000 Sold

E-Commerce Store in the Pre-Owned Designer Handbags and Accessories Niche

For sale is an established e-Commerce store that sells authentic pre-owned designer handbags and accessories to customers around the world, having mad...



$67,500 Sold