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6 Year Old Sports Picks Membership Site Network, $3.3M in Revenue, $300k Recurring, $973k SDE LTM

For sale is a network of daily sports picks (fantasy sports, sports betting, etc.) membership sites  launched in early 2010 by the current owners.  Re...


$3.6M Available

Content Site in Design Tutorials Niche, $124,000 SDE LTM, Adsense and Affiliate Earnings

For sale is a 6 year old content site in the design tutorials niche (wordpress, photoshop, tattoos, etc.) that has earned $126k in revenue and $123k i...



$250,000 Sold

Low Maintenance Content Site in Blogging Niche, $798,000 SDE LTM, Affiliate Earnings

For sale is a 3 year old content site in the aspiring bloggers and internet marketers niche that has earned $2.6m in profit in its lifetime with the l...



$1.2M Sold

3 Year Old Online TEFL Certification Business – Custom Course and Established Brand

For sale is an online TEFL/TESOL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) business that has made $238,000 in profit since its launch in November, 2011.  ...



$95,000 Sold